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A fine rain of seawater is pulverised under a mask to decongest breathing passages. Duration : 10mn

affusions dynamiques

Affusion Shower

The client lies under a series of micro-showers which continuously move and cross over the body. This is a very gentle treatment.

grande douche

Jet Shower

A shower is passed over the entire body using warm seawater. Draining effect.

Manual Affusion Shower

A full body massage under a rain of warm seawater. Duration : 25mn (only in some of the Thalasso packages and in the 4 treatments “Prestige”



A soft bed and circulating wave for a complete body modelage in a soft, soothing atmosphere. Duration : 18mn

piscine jets

Pool with underwater jets

Underwater hydro-massage in seawater pool at 35°C with adjustable showerheads (Spinal dorsal-lumbar gymnastics with hydromassage or Spinal cervical gymnastics with hydro-massage)


Pressure Therapy

Inflatable boots are applied to the lower limbs; compartments are filled with air to apply pressure for a draining effect.

douche sous marine

Underwater marine shower

Underwater hydro-massage in warm seawater (35°C to 36°C), performed by a therapist with a showerhead (1-3 bars).


boules marines

Marine Globes

The fingers and wrists are massaged in a warm algae cream. Remineralizing and sedative. Duration : 20mn


Seaweed body-wrap

A warm seaweed cream is applied over the entire body and maintained at body temperature, then rinsed with warm seawater.




Aquatic relaxation in a lying position supported by floats, the physiotherapist teaches you relaxation techniques in the pool. Duration : 25mn



Muscle stretching in warm seawater. Improves joint mobility. Duration : 25mn

piscine tonique

Exercise Pool

Aquatic gymnastics for joint and muscle maintenance. Duration : 25mn


Gymnastic Ball

The physiotherapist teaches you the Klein method using the ball for back gymnastics and posture. Duration : 25mn

gymnastique jambes

Leg Gymnastics

Group course with a physiotherapist aimed at improving blood circulation in the lower limbs. Duration : 50mn

Leg Pool

Gymnastics for the lower limbs in warm seawater followed by walking through a stream of cold seawater. Stimulates vasomotor mechanisms. Duration : 25mn

Physio Balneo Pool

Gymnastic therapy in a pool with a physiotherapist. Maintains the locomotor system especially the spine. Duration : 25mn

Rééducation en piscine d'eau de mer

Pool therapy

The physiotherapist works with you in the pool for a personalized treatment where heat and the lift of seawater help to reinforce and improve joint amplitude. Duration : 20 to 25mn

Physical activities



An activity that uses water intensity to work all muscle groups and improve fitness, strengthen the lower body and increase endurance. Duration : 30mn



Gymnastics in the pool working on weight loss and muscle tone. Duration : 30mn

Aqua Jogging

Aquatic Training

This activity is performed in seawater heated at 30°C whilst continually surveying cardiac frequency. It reinforces endurance and has an effect on weight loss, slimming and blood circulation. Duration : 30mn or 1h

marche d'oxygénation

Oxygenating Walk

Dynamic walk by the sea with a coach to enjoy the climate’s benefits and discover the Emerald Coast.



Physical exercise to improve and correct posture and tone muscle. Duration : 30mn or 45mn


Sea Walking

Along the beach, walking in the sea with the aid of a paddle. Duration : 45mn

Yoga sur la plage à Saint-Malo


Yoga is a discipline whose aim is to harmonize the three fundamental dimensions of the being: the physical, the psychic and the spiritual. Duration : 1h