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This session is based on Schultz's Autogenic training. The relaxation method consists in relaxing the mind and the body, as well as learning to let things go. Durée : 50…

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Seaweed body-wrap

A warm seaweed cream is applied over the entire body and maintained at body temperature, then rinsed with warm seawater.

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Affusion Shower

The client lies under a series of micro-showers which continuously move and cross over the body. This is a very gentle treatment.

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A soft bed and circulating wave for a complete body modelage in a soft, soothing atmosphere. Duration : 18mn

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Manual Affusion Shower

A full body massage under a rain of warm seawater. Duration : 25mn (only in some of the Thalasso packages and in the 4 treatments “Prestige”

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Yoga is a discipline whose aim is to harmonize the three fundamental dimensions of the being: the physical, the psychic and the spiritual. Duration : 1h

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Pressure Therapy

Inflatable boots are applied to the lower limbs; compartments are filled with air to apply pressure for a draining effect.

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