The aquacycling (or aquabike) is an activity that uses water intensity to work all muscle groups and improve fitness, strengthen the lower body and increase endurance, on an effective and playful music . Duration : 30mn

The benefits of Aquacycling lessons

Our aquabike courses are choreographed by our sports coaches to work on the thigh, glutes and calves in a nice ambiance. Thanks to multiple exercices and a rhythmic aquabiking session, you burn calories, get a better cardio and refine your shapes.

Aquacycling courses at the thalassotherapy

The lesson is made to get optimal results on your endurance and silhouette and at the end, some minutes of streching and relaxation are good to help the muscles recovery. In addition, all our aquabike courses are made in sea water for more well-being.

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Aquabike courses in video