Discover a large range of body massages for a unique experience of relaxation : to improve energy balance, eliminate toxins, enhance muscle relaxation…Enjoy a true moment of wellness.

Escape to the rituals of ancient India through this massage which provides true relaxation by appeasing tension and energy flows. Alternates the different techniques of Abhyanga (movements which stimulate) and Marmatherapy, (in-depth movements over the body’s energy points), accompanied by a delicious warm oil.
1 h 10
This massage is the harmonious combination of deep, slow and warm movements, it allies power and sweetness. Real detoxification of the body, this massage improves the deep relaxation, the elimination of the stress, restores vitality & dynamism.
1 h 20
This in-depth massage, with deep and powerful manoeuvres promotes muscle relaxation and loosens mind and body. This combination of passive mobilizations and pressures is particularly appreciated by the athletes. This tonic massage loosens the tension areas in order to restore energy and vitality.
1 h 10
This draining massage is ideal after a little overindulgence, it efficiently helps to eliminate toxins. Slow-paced and gentle it offers a veritable moment of relaxation.
50 min