Physiotherapy helps to prevent, relieve and treat different types of physical health problems. It helps to recover the maximum of your physical capabilities to be able to do your daily activities such as practice sport…(depending on your physical conditions and recovery potential).


This session is based on Schultz's Autogenic training. The relaxation method consists in relaxing the mind and the body, as well as learning to let things go. Durée : 50…

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Aquatic relaxation in a lying position supported by floats, the physiotherapist teaches you relaxation techniques in the pool. Duration : 25mn

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Physio Balneo Pool

Gymnastic therapy in a pool with a physiotherapist. Maintains the locomotor system especially the spine. Duration : 25mn

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Leg Pool

Gymnastics for the lower limbs in warm seawater followed by walking through a stream of cold seawater. Stimulates vasomotor mechanisms. Duration : 25mn

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Leg Gymnastics

Group course with a physiotherapist aimed at improving blood circulation in the lower limbs. Duration : 50mn

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Gymnastic Ball

The physiotherapist teaches you the Klein method using the ball for back gymnastics and posture. Duration : 25mn

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Pool therapy

The physiotherapist works with you in the pool for a personalized treatment where heat and the lift of seawater help to reinforce and improve joint amplitude. Duration : 20 to 25mn

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