This session is based on Schultz's Autogenic training. The relaxation method consists in relaxing the mind and the body, as well as learning to let things go. Durée : 50…

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Aquatic relaxation in a lying position supported by floats, the physiotherapist teaches you relaxation techniques in the pool. Duration : 25mn

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Physio Balneo Pool

Gymnastic therapy in a pool with a physiotherapist. Maintains the locomotor system especially the spine. Duration : 25mn

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Leg Pool

Gymnastics for the lower limbs in warm seawater followed by walking through a stream of cold seawater. Stimulates vasomotor mechanisms. Duration : 25mn

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Leg Gymnastics

Group course with a physiotherapist aimed at improving blood circulation in the lower limbs. Duration : 50mn

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Gymnastic Ball

The physiotherapist teaches you the Klein method using the ball for back gymnastics and posture. Duration : 25mn

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Pool therapy

The physiotherapist works with you in the pool for a personalized treatment where heat and the lift of seawater help to reinforce and improve joint amplitude. Duration : 20 to 25mn

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