Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic treatments. It can be either sea, source or mineral water. In the Thalassotherapy, only the sea water is used. The treatments can be done in a bath, a shower, with jets. The sea water enhance the capacity of movement for reeducation exercices.

Affusion Shower

The client lies under a series of micro-showers which continuously move and cross over the body. This is a very gentle treatment.

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A soft bed and circulating wave for a complete body modelage in a soft, soothing atmosphere. Duration : 18mn

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Manual Affusion Shower

A full body massage under a rain of warm seawater. Duration : 25mn (only in some of the Thalasso packages and in the 4 treatments “Prestige”

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Pressure Therapy

Inflatable boots are applied to the lower limbs; compartments are filled with air to apply pressure for a draining effect.

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Pool with underwater jets

Underwater hydro-massage in seawater pool at 35°C with adjustable showerheads (Spinal dorsal-lumbar gymnastics with hydromassage or Spinal cervical gymnastics with hydro-massage)

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A fine rain of seawater is pulverised under a mask to decongest breathing passages. Duration : 10mn

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