Located in the Manche in Basse Normandy region and 55 km from Saint-Malo, the Mont Saint Michel Abbey is the second and most outstanding touristic site in France. Since 1979 this monument appears on the UNESCO list.

Enjoy your thalasso stay in Saint-Malo to discover this amazing place !

The biggest European tides

Every year The Mont Saint Michel is the theatre of the biggest European tides. Up to 15 tidal range meters (difference between low and high tides). The sea reaches the coasts “at the speed of a galloping horse”. Moreover, this phenomenon rendered the place very dangerous.
This is why it is extremely recommended to visit the bay with a guide.

The Mont Saint-Michel bay, an ornothological  reserve

Named the wonder of the western world, the abbey is built on a granite rock. The bay attracts thousands of migratory, nesting and wintering birds. More than 150, 000 gulls, shorebirds and waterfowl winter in the abbey. This is a good period to find raptors and northern passerines such as Lapland longspur. During the breeding season, different sea birds (cormorant, gulls) ducks and others species nest on rocky islets, beaches and bay meadows.
The migration period is also fascinating and will surprise you.

About 347 bird species have already been observed at the Mont Saint-Michel.
There are about 15 grey seals and 40 harbour seals that arrived in the 1980s in the bay. We can also see groups of bottlenose dolphins all the year.

Medieval pilgrimages at the Mont Saint-Michel

For around a thousand year the Mont Saint-Michel was one of the most important western medieval pilgrimages with Rome and St Jacques de Compostelle.
It also became a jail during the Revolution and the Empire.

To do and see at The Mont Saint-Michel

  • Guided visit of the bay
  • Flying on top of the bay
  • Tasting different local products