This program is your slimming ally. Personalised, detoxifying, slimming and draining treatments to refine your body.


Advantages of our contouring package

Optimal personalisation for visible results and immediate well-being. A team actively partner of your success.

6 days (24 treatments) :

  • 1 measurement diagnosis
  • 3 Seaweed body wrap
  • 6 supervised pool sessions (jet pool and toning pool)
  • 6 hydrotherapy treatments amongst the following : jet baths with seaweed, affusion shower, marine draining, underwater shower, or Ondorelax.
  • 1 Appointment with our nutritionist

and 1 option to choose between:

Option 1:
6 aesthetic manual draining
2 cryogenic masks
1 draining mask

Option 2:
3 Cellu M6® sessions *
3 active contouring treatments
1 cellu-smoothing mask
1 cryogenic mask
1 draining mask

Option 3:
3 Cellu M6® sessions *
3 toning treatments
1 cellu-smoothing mask
2 detox masks

We also recommend a medical visit.

* Cellu M6® Body stocking obligatory 26 €.

Unlimited access

  • Aquatonic® Pool
  • Hammam
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool, Cardio Training Area, sea mist room and Oxygenating Walk.

Choose your accommodation

For the Sea & Contouring

In hotel: Rates per person for 6 days in a double room, half board.
In Residence: Rates per person for 2 persons spa guests occupying the same apartment, including 6 treatments days and 7 nights from saturday to saturday.

Without accommodation

Sea & Contouring Package


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