« Green » atmosphere at the restaurant La Verrière

« Green » atmosphere at the restaurant La Verrière

New decoration

The restaurant, spacious and quiet, with stunning 30s architecture offers a sumptuous setting, punctuated by its columns, mosaics and waterfalls.
Outstanding regional produce emphasized in our traditional yet creative cuisine menu.

Perfect cooking, touches of herbs and spices, a nutritional cuisine elaborated to reflect our chefs’ enthusiasm to combine taste and diet, right down to the desserts.


More than 20 dishes under 350 calories

Colourful and inventive, dishes focus on authentic tastes, steam cooking to preserve nutrients, trace elements, minerals, of course all these dishes are low-fat.  Whether you prefer meat or fish, you will have the choice from either the daily menu or several low-calorie dishes à la carte.  Calories are shown on the menu so you can manage your own calorie intake.


Manage your daily diet during your stay at the thalassotherapy centre.  A balanced diet is good for your health.  A varied menu of over 20 dishes at less than 350 calories is prepared by our chefs in collaboration with the nutritionist.

With the healthy food cuisine at the Grand Hotel des Thermes, return to eating fresh food, cooked simply with the best ingredients.  We hold cooking workshops, our chefs Daniel Le Guénan and Pascal Pochon will teach you some tricks on how to eat delicious healthy food and manage your weight.


The objective is to maintain and/or lose weight, improve self-esteem and eating habits, increase knowledge about the best nutritional practices.  These menus can be qualified as medically active because they reduce abdominal fat, blood pressure and blood sugar.

These effects are particularly observable if healthy eating is associated with simple but personalized physical activity.  In addition to the healthy food cuisine at the Grand Hotel des Thermes, you can take part in cognitive-behavioural initiation, very useful in the process of changing eating habits.  A full nutritional assessment based on five tests established in relation with hospital staff is included in your stay.   An analysis of your body composition (by multi-frequency segmental impedance measurements) is made to provide better nutritional advice.

Assess your physical condition during your stay at the thalassotherapy centre.

Practical informations

La Verrière Restaurant
Grande Plage du Sillon – 35400 – SAINT-MALO
Tel : 00.33.2 99 40 75 75
e-mail : contact@restaurant-caphorn.fr

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